Hey there good looking!
 Anni's the name, the woman behind Midnight Moons Outpost. I grew up in Oklahoma running around outside and mixing wild strawberries with honeysuckle by the nearby creek. I landed in Portland Oregon, but this heart and body travels. I have a love for the Pacific Northwest trees and ocean, but also the desert.  I love thinking about how life is so powerful in such a desolate place. As well as being mostly just self taught in most things, I have a thirst for knowledge of crafts, herbalism and art.  I enjoy making things for people that can calm, relax or just be plain beautiful to the eye.  Nature and the land is one of my biggest inspirations, but also intertwining that with self. Learning how to just be.  Being good to the earth while feeling good.  Always striving to be more sustainable as a business.  As I do enjoy creating things to relax, I also hope it brings out some of your wild. 
Thanks for choosing small batch, hand made products.